Welcome to Arka Kofe

The Home of Premium Kofe
We offer Organic, Single Origin & Speciality Roasts.

You might be asking yourself, what does the name mean? What's with the skull?

Arka means Royalty, hence why we Sip Like Royalty. Kofe... well, means coffee.
Combine Arka and Kofe together and you've got the best tasting Premium Coffee
to awake you from the dead (hence the skull).

Go ahead, scavenge through our page and pick what you like.
We guarantee you'll Sip Like Royalty with us.

Kofe Grind Guide

Whole Bean: Brewed Kofe beans, grind to your preference.
Drip: Great for Conventional Kofe machines, Aero Press and pour over funnels.
Espresso: Perfect for espresso machines and jazve style Kofe.
Coarse: Best for Cold Brew and French Press.