Kofe Grinds - Which Grind Should I Choose?

It's a common question, which Kofe grind do I choose and which best works with my Kofe machine? Don't worry, we're here to help. 

We currently offer three grind types; Whole Bean, Drip and Espresso. The grind you choose is dependent on which Kofe machine you use and what type of Kofe you want to make. 

Our Whole Bean is recommended for the Kofe expert. With whole beans, you can grind the beans to whatever grind level you prefer. You can grind the beans perfectly to accommodate your Kofe needs. 

Our Drip grind is recommended for use in Pour Over devices, conventional coffee machines, AeroPress, Chemex devices and other machines that use a filter. This is our most popular grind. It is very versatile and it is the most handy grind to have at the house to make Kofe at ease. 

Our Espresso grind is recommended for use in Espresso machines and Kofe made in a traditional jazve. You can also use our Espresso grind in an AeroPress device. 

We will be offering a Course grind in the near future to accommodate French Press machines and Cold Brew machines as well. Stay tuned.

Whatever grind you choose, be sure to Sip Like Royalty

Written by Arka Kofe

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